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Why Build?

The primary reason you will want to build is you get to select exactly goes into your new dream home. But there are many more benefits to building…

It is possible that purchasing a used home may be initially more affordable, but not necessarily in the longer term. You should consider the possible future expenses associated with an older home. From the new more open floor plans, which are more conducive to the way we live today, to updated finishes and colors, everything is what you want from the start, so you won’t have to spend additional funds redoing the home after you purchase it. You will also get the added benefit of the current higher standards of energy efficiency codes and less upkeep associated with used homes.

New construction almost always beats older construction. Older homes usually mean dated windows, insulation and appliances, which means dollars flying out the window, literally, on wasted energy. Older homes have more existing wear and tear, which means certain things may need more maintenance, or they may need replacement. Typical items which may need replacement are the electrical, plumbing, furnace, roof and air conditioning systems.

Unless you can find an older home that has been completely upgraded with no deferred maintenance, and is exactly what you want, building your own new home with the help of a licensed contractor may be the way to go.

Building Scheme

Selecting a Builder

There are many fine builders in Creston Valley so feel free to bring your own contractor to build your custom home. If you are looking for a General Contractor, Devon Heights is proud to suggest one of the Valley’s most respected builders, Z-KO Construction Jeff Shatzko, the principal of Z-KO, is very familiar with the Devon Heights on-site improvements.

Jeff has over 14 years of experience and comes from a family of homebuilders so a passion for his work is in his blood. He is up to date with latest building trends and adheres to the construction industry standards.  

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Z-KO Contruction Testimonials

Jeff has a reputation in the Valley as one of the top builders and is known for his integrity, quality and attention to detail. He is known to be organized, efficient and hardworking as well as friendly and easy to work with.

“Jeff was our “Go to Guy” when we built our home. We found Jeff extremely friendly, easy to work with and very professional. He was always conscientious and really knowledgeable with all the changing building codes. Whenever a problem occurred, and they will, Jeff always found the best solution. He was also always open to help us with any design changes we wanted to make. He has a great connection with the other trade workers needed and was always ready for them to be able to complete their work on schedule. We always will and have with confidence, recommended Jeff and his crew to anyone we know that is planning on building anything. Thanks again Jeff we LOVE our home and the excellent job your crew did building it.”

local Creston-ite, Cathy Robins

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All homes built by Z-KO Construction have 2-5-10 home warranty insurance, the strongest construction defect insurance in Canada.

  • 2 years on labour and materials (some limits apply)

  • 5 years on the building envelope, including water penetration  

  • 10 years on the structure of the home

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