Devon Heights Building Scheme

Aesthetic harmony equals value.

Building Scheme

Devon Heights has created a Registered Building Scheme to provide an environment with a collective goal of the homeowners to ensure aesthetic harmony of your new home and to protect property values in the neighborhood now and in the future.

Build Your Dream Home

Building Scheme Highlights

  • All homes must be single-family residences. No manufactured and/or mobile home, recreation vehicle shall be used as a primary resident on any Lot

  • Minimum size for single level home and multi-level homes

  • Height restrictions on homes to protect views
  • No vinyl siding is permitted

  • All driveways must be constructed of finished concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, or brick paver, no asphalt driveways

  • Completion improvements must be finished within 24 months of the date of commencing construction

  • No commercial vehicles can be parked as to be visible to any other lot

For more detailed information regarding lot improvements such as exterior colors and materials, building sizes, heights etc, see the Devon Heights Registered Building Scheme.

Full Building Scheme Detailing

Town of Creston

Devon Heights is located in the Town of Creston subject to Town of Creston Zoning Bylaws with minimum set backs and more.  Devon Heights is zoned R1.eme.

Devon Heights Zoning