Open House!!

It’s Blossom Festival time in our beautiful Creston Valley this weekend!! While you are enjoying the festivities, drop by our weekend-long Open House for a lemonade – and maybe see your new home while you’re at it-furniture package  included.  No Property Transfer Tax or GST to qualified buyers-how fun is that?? You can find us just off of Northwest Blvd-turn east onto Devon Road by the Fish and Chip place, and follow the yellow balloons 1-4 Sat and 1-6 Sunday!


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Now the Magic happens….

Gotta’  love seeing buckets of paint ready to go!  And after that, all the  wonderful wonderfulness begins to unfold.  Heck, with a view like this, you just can’t go wrong—

The colour palette is this home is outstanding, soft, soothing and with just a punch of pizzazz…about 7 weeks to go before our first Open House…excited!!

By the way, did I mention views?


A happenin’ place

It’s been an incredible summer in our little valley-and that holds true for progress in the subdivision-another new home coming out of the ground–and where is the machine operator???

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Look at the views from here-

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Actually this is from the home below–it just keeps getting better! Come see for yourself this coming weekend-1-3 on Sunday –


Thanks guys!

Trying to beat the heat, Dan and George were busy drilling holes for the new Lot signage..

Sure looked great when they were done! And then Collette was ready to play-I held the step ladder…pop over to the Building  Sites tab and see her first YouTube video! All before lunch time ..


videos are happenin'