Builder Profile

Meet Rob Shatzko, the builder responsible for all of the existing and current homes under construction  in Devon Heights Properties:

Rob 3

Rob Shatzko has been around the building business for 45 of his 50 years.  His father was a building contractor, and one of Rob’s first memories of the construction site is of being too small to hold a piece of plywood onto a roof on a windy day.  He rode the sheet of plywood right off the roof, flying carpet-style.  Remarkably, he was uninjured, remained unafraid of heights, and chose his own career in building!

Rob started his construction business in 1985, and moved to Creston ten years later. He’s been putting up houses and commercial buildings in the Valley for more than twenty years now.  More than  one hundred structures including homes, shops, garages and outbuildings-and Extra Foods- in Creston and the surrounding area are “Rob-built“.

“It’s a big deal being in business in a small town for a long time, ” Rob says.  “The people I build for are the people I am going to see at the grocery store and at the Rod and Gun Club meeting.  If they weren’t happy, I wouldn’t still be in business, and I probably wouldn’t be able to live here, either.”

Rob 1

When he’s not building, Rob’s passion is for the outdoors.  He has been known to take a string of horses and disappear into the backcountry, or the mountains of Northern British Columbia, for weeks at a time.  His quest for adventure has taken him all over the globe.  His passport has been stamped in Namibia (Africa), Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and New Zealand.  Some of his many hunting adventures were published by Safari Press in Rob’s 2014 book, Unquenchable Spirit.

Rob has been with his partner Collette for 25 years.  Between them, they have three children and two grandchildren.  Collette is a professional writer who has worked with newspapers, magazines and book publishers.  She has been involved in creative pursuits for her entire working life.  It was a natural extension of that creative energy to turn her attention o the design details involved in finishing a house.  Working in conjunction with her partner, Rob Shatzko, Collette was responsible for the color choices, finishes, fixtures and furnishings that you will see in the Show Home at Devon Heights Properties.

“As  Rob likes to say , ”   Collette laughs, “all my hours watching the home and garden channel have finally paid off.”

When not writing or working on houses, Collette finds Creston the perfect place to enjoy her horses.  She loves to swim anywhere, but particularly in the near-by lakes and rivers.


collette and deke



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