Creston Valley

The Creston Valley truly is one of the last remaining secrets and most beautiful spots in all of British Columbia.  Never mind the 100 Mile Diet, you don’t have to go more than 10 miles here to find almost everything one needs for sustainable living.

The wide valley (twenty-five miles long and up to eight miles wide)  is a flood plain of the Purcell Trench that is divided by the Kootenay River-which runs from Banff and Yoho National Parks and winds its way through Fort Steele into northern Idaho, where it turns north at Bonners Ferry and makes its way through the Creston Valley into the magnificent Kootenay Lake before forming its west arm at              Nelson and descending into the Columbia River at Castlegar. This rich soil was created 12,000 years ago by the melting of glaciers leaving behind some of the richest, most fertile farmland on earth.


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